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Musings of someone interested in testing life out (i.e. takin’ her for a spin). Who needs specialization when you can be average at a whole bunch of stuff?

Implicit Rules of Society

Posted by wardjm on October 23, 2008

It’s kind of weird how many rules are implicitly followed in society. One is that green light means go at an intersection and red light means stop. Really, you must follow the red light rule for your own personal well-being, but what if you just didn’t go on green light? You don’t injure yourself, but you are holding up other people who would like to get by you. This happened to me today. I was the second person in line at an intersection and waited through 4 green lights because the person refused to go for some reason. The lanes were single and too narrow to go around. We were absolutely stuck. It was kind of annoying since I had a massive headache and people were beeping and I just wanted to get home, but reflecting on it is kind of interesting and funny. Somethings are hard to figure out whether we don’t do them out of courtesy or because it’s against the law. We don’t go punching people in the throat because that’s assault. But waiting through a green light? It’s not reckless driving. It’s too cautious if anything. But why don’t we go into a church and scream blasphemy? That isn’t attacking anyone, but it’s rude? I don’t know. It seems weird to me. Maybe some of the traditional implicit rules need to be broken.


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